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Becoming a leader

When you hear the word leader, what meanings comes to mind for you???? Whether you 're a leader at a small business or a large company, being a leader is a hard job. Now please don't get the word leader confused with being a boss. Those definitions are two different things and they mean two different things for the people who are in those positions. A boss by definition is" a person in charge of a worker or organization." A leader is" the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country." When you look at those two things in relation to what your title is now, being in charge is very difficult. The main point to the story is strive everyday to become a great leader no matter where you work at. When you are a great leader, it encourages others to be great, and reach their full potential. Good leaders sometimes make excuses, Great leaders find ways to solve problems. Be the leader you can be and be the leader your people need you to be. Thank you jdwilliamscoaching

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