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Double Sided Relationship

Sometimes when you're having issues in a relationship, do you ever consider that these issues are double sided?? What I mean by double sided is that sometimes the real issues are previous baggage that we have carried within ourselves that add to the current issues of the relationship. Those would be two separate situations to tackle at the same time. Most individuals don't consider how there own individual trauma or past life experiences can effect your future relationships. Most individuals realize it when it becomes a problem in the current relationship. By then, most of the damage has been done. Some damage may be difficult to come back from. Relationships, in general, are not always easy or fun. Sometimes there has to be some self analysis to make sure you are doing right for yourself and by the relationship you chose to be in. It's not up to your partner to check you on your issues, most times. You have to want to check yourself to make sure that the situations that may be happening is a you issue or an us issue. After you determine which issue it is, create a plan and communicate it with your partner. The way to get ahead of most issues, from a relationship standpoint, is the openly communicate even when you don't want to and to check yourself first before you check your partner. You'll find that most of the situations you may experience in a relationship can be resolved much easier if you check yourself.

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