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The Choice

choice /CHois/ noun

  1. an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

When it comes to issues that arise in relationships, ask yourself this question? Who is your choice? Do you choose to believe you are right in the situation? Do you choose to be fair to the other person? Do you choose to hear what the other person is saying? These questions are important to ask yourself when it comes to really resolving issues and truly connecting with your partner. The biggest obstacle to a true connection is pride, being stubborn, being strong willed and always believing your opinion is more valid than the other persons. No one in a relationship wants or needs to feel unheard or unseen. The choice you have to make if you want to sustain a happy, long lasting relationship is choosing each other daily. Choose the other person feelings, value their opinion, respect their thoughts and welcome their presence in your life daily. In my opinion, the true keys to success in relationships are praying daily, patience weekly, and a choice always choose the other person.

Thank you,


Your Choice

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