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Dream Bigger

When you consider your dreams and goals for your life, do you consider if they are big enough? When you tell people about what you want to do for your life, some people are going to support you. Others in your life may question you about your dreams and tell you that you should not do it. Your dreams are what it sounds like, Your Dreams. It's not for other people to understand or support them. That's okay because the reason you dream is because you want something different or better for your life. Your dreams can be as big as your imagination can take you, but if your effort to reach your dream isn't present then all you really have is that, A Dream. Your passion, consistency, and faith must drive you daily towards your dreams because your dreams aren't going to magically come true for you. Your dreams can be as big as you want them to be, but be prepared to put in the work for those dreams to become your reality.

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