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About Me

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

JD Williams

I am a native of Houston TX, who moved to Atlanta, GA 5 years ago to continue my purpose as a certified  life and relationship expert. I am a certified life coach through the Tony Gaskins Jr. Academy for Life Coaching. As a Experienced Certified Life Coach and Marriage Expert, I specialize in life and relationship support with over 10 years of experience in human and relationship development.  In my career, I have help countless individuals and couples through the hardest points in there lives.  I was voted the #1 customer rated life and relationship program in 2020 - 2022.


Some of my additional competences revolve around helping individuals successfully navigate relationship difficulties with partners who do not actively participate in the couples coaching process.  My competency also includes working with people to overcome feelings of being stuck in helplessness or overwhelm, whether relative to their relationships or other life goals. 

My fundamental premise is to never choose sides when working with couples. My clients can rest assured that they are in a safe, judgment-free space at all times. In my business, I use a consistent approach to help my clients sustain successful lives, relationships and businesses. In my opinion, I believe all problems can be fix and I am truly committed to helping my clients living happier lives.

Individuals, Improve, Adjust and Change Unhealthy Patterns of Communication, Online Couples Counselor and Groups Coaching, Promote Strengths in the Relationship, Anxiety, Emotional Responsiveness, Anger Management, Life & Career Coaching, 
Improve Communication, Resolve Conflicts, Relationship Issues, Pre-Marital Counseling, Develop Trust and Love, Enhanced Intimacy, Overcome Life’s Difficulties, Infidelity

About Me: About Me


D. F.

Nov 4, 2021

If you're in need of a SOLID, NO NONSENSE, EFFECTIVE counselor then reach out to Joshua Williams ASAP. He has valuable discussion topics and relevant homework assignments. After just our free consult and 1 session, my husband and I recognize things now that we really didn't before, and it's set us on the right path towards healing. We'll be continuing sessions and look forward to further growth!


(Marriage and Relationship Counseling)

D. G.

Nov 2, 2021

Excellent communicator. I appreciated the professionalism in the online presentation. He was dressed to do business and his ability to keep us focused on the main thing is commendable.

(Marriage and Relationship Counseling)

J. M.

May 1, 2021

Me and my fiancé had the best experience during the Day 1- Pre-Marital program. It was very helpful in our relationship and the great things we have learned will help us continue to work together and help us through our marriage. It was the best experience ever. Joshua listened to us and always gave us the feedback we needed. He helped us understand each other more than what we thought we did. He was always on time and you can tell how passionate he is about coaching. I will recommend any and everyone I can! Thank you!!!

R. F.

Mar 25, 2021

I've had a few sessions with Josh so far and I'm very grateful for his help. He provides concise, manageable ways to combat your difficulties and has a great energy. I feel that his guidance can really help people create the life they are looking for if they are willing to put in the work. Thank you so much for the kind of work you do!

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