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Relationship Goals

Whenever two individuals enter into a relationship or marriage no one ever tells you that your connection with each other has to be maintained. No one ever talks about why maintaining connection with each other on an emotional and physical is so critical. Everyone always talks about the things they want to do together, but no one every gets to the true meaning of why those things are important to the relationship. People say that the word love is a verb. People say that you choose who you want to love or give that love to, but love is fragile. Love fades just as quick as following in love with that special person can happen. So, when you talk about the goals of your relationship make sure to discuss how you as an individual will prioritize the connection both emotional and physical in your relationship. Life will not make prioritizing each other an easy thing on a daily or weekly basis. That means you have to be intentional about each other and your relationship success. To me that is the true definition of relationship goals that in turn increases the odds of relationship growth.

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