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Sex Vs. Making Love In Relationships

One of the biggest myths is when you tell your partner you love then and that love is translated in the bedroom. Honestly, sometimes it doesn't translate 100% to your sex life. Harboring insecurities about yourself is one thing, but when those insecurities effect your partner it's a completely different thing. Sex with your partner that you're IN LOVE with, not just LOVE ,is supposed to be a moment that you connect emotional/physically with your mind and body. Sometimes people are in their own minds about what's going on in the relationship or on the world. In that moment, they are not focusing all their attention on their partner. Sex typically happens in most relationships, but consider how often being made love to happens in your relationship. That's a different level of intimacy that takes your intimate relationship from good to great because the foucs, in that moment, is totally about your partner's needs and not your own. Focusing more on connection of the mind, body and spirit with your partner can build a stronger, deeper bond of love. All aspects of a relationship is based on what you intentionally do for and with your partner. If you focus on pleasing your partner, they will be pleased because they know that is your sole focus. In turn, if your sole focus is pleasing yourself, they will know that too. The next time you have sex with your partner, try not to just foucs on the act itself, but pleasing your partner. Sex Vs. Making Love is a noticeable difference.

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