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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

In any relationship, a certain level of reciprocation is needed for the relationship to remain healthy and grow. Sometimes when we assume that the other person is going to show you the same love and affection that you show them, you've made your first mistake. The person that you're with is completely different from you and have different views on how to show love. The way that they may be showing love and affection may be the way they learned how to show love. The issue with how they show you love and affection is that their way may not be what you're use to. You may be showing them love and affection how you learned how to, but they may feel like you're not giving them love. This is because both parties have a different understanding of what love looks like to them and how it's shown. Some people would say that it could just their love language, but it's hard to determine a person's language if the lines of communication are broken. If two people can't express how they want to be loved, than there will not be a clear understanding of how to give your partner what they need from you. So if you take any advice this year, please try to have deep meaningful conversations about how you want to be loved because it's better to have understanding than to assume they know.

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