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A Good Man

There are several definitions of what people think a good man is or should be. To be honest, most woman don't believe that there are any good men left out there. That's really why every year you see the Father's Day displays in stores get smaller and smaller. The whole world has lost hope in those good men out their. I'm here to tell you my definition of what a good man is. A good man will provide for you financially, as well as, emotionally. He will be there in your good days and especially the bad days. He will cater to your physical needs and make sure you are satisfied. He will be committed to only you and see no other women but you. He will love you unconditionally with your flaws and all you are. This is the definition of good man, but the reality is you may not get all these things. You have to decide what your deal breakers are for the person you chose to be with. Once you figure that out, work with your man to help him become the man he is meant to be. That's not saying push him to change, but communicate with each other about ways to make the relationship better. This path will lead you to your good man.

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