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Accepting Ownership

Updated: May 23, 2020

Accepting Ownership of problems that exist in a relationship is the hardest thing to do for some people. No one wants to admit that they are wrong for something that happened in the relationship. That's one of the biggest things that could cause a problem in a relationship.  If no one wants to admits fault, how do you work towards a resolution. Issues not addressed quickly lead to bigger issues down the line because the issue that started the chain of events wasn't address. There is nothing wrong with owning your wrongdoings in a relationship. If the person really knows you and respects you, they will accept your apology. They will not continue to punish you for whatever thing that was done wrong. The thing about an apology is that the issue can't keep happening over and over again. If it does, it makes the other person believe that you are not serious about change. Be consistent in fixing whatever went wrong and communicate when things may be headed back to a bad direction. If you are a mature person you will have no problem owning your wrongdoings, but make sure to be consistent in your solution.

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