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Be Accountable

Sometimes holding yourself accountable for your actions or inactions is a lot harder to do than holding someone else accountable. Taking the time to reflect on your own actions in life is a sign of emotional maturity and individual growth. When you refuse to see how your own actions can cause harm to your growth as a person, it can subsequently effect other aspects of your life. Do you notice those individuals in your life that talk to you all the time about changing something or wanting to be better. If you do know those individuals, ask yourself this simple question.

Are they holding themselves accountable to change or grow? Is that thing they talk about just talk with no action. Relate that same question to your own life and ask yourself are you holding yourself accountable for your actions or inactions? If you're honestly not taking some steps for growth and simply just talking about it, than you don't want to change yet. Fear of change and the fear of unknown can stop your growth. Holding yourself accountable to taking the small steps daily can help you overcome your fear , but you must be about Less Talking, More Action.

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