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Change and Forgiveness in Relationship

When it comes to change in a relationship, some people may view the other person changing as impossible. Especially, when there are communication barriers that are going on with in the relationship. I'm here to say that change is possible and you can have what you want out of your relationship if you communicate it. Effective communication isn't a one way street, it's a two way street. It's when one side talks openly, honestly and fairly. The other party listens openly and without judgement. Both parties must take turns hearing each other's needs and than coming up with serious action steps for improvement. Your relationship, as well as, your individual life can be changed if you put in the work, prayer, and be patience. " Knowing that God is the Judge of all, Jesus said if we have anything against anyone, we should forgive(Mark 11:25) - and then never stop forgiving(Matthew 18:22). Bitterness will poison and drain the vitality out of any relationship. So, when it is a said and done, the romance, intimacy, and enjoyment of your marriage/relationship is greatly dependent upon your mutual commitment to allow no unforgiveness to exist between the two of you." Long story short, really listen to your partner, and put your defenses down. You will start seeing that what you were needing was right in front of you the whole time. 

Thank you

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