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When you begin your relationship with that special someone where does the friendship end and the relationship begin. Most couples start their relationship on the foundation of their friendship, but stop working on their friendship when they're in the relationship. In your relationship, there are a lot of roles that an individual has to fulfill in order to make the relationship work. Friend, Partner and Lover are some of these roles that have to be filled. Sometimes when you're trying too hard to fill one role, you miss the other two and your partner notices. Sometimes you may think that it is impossible to be everything to everybody, but all your partner wants is you. Making your relationship intentional by doing the things that make your partner happy and your relationship grow is a two way street. One individual can't support a relationship and one individual can't totally make you happy if you're not happy within yourself. When you started your relationship with a foundation of a friendship, continue building that bond with your partner. That bond will allow you to be emotionally vulnerable with your partner and trust them to always have your best interest at heart. That bond will push you to meet their needs even if it's something that's out of your comfort zone. That bond will allow you a safe space to express who you are and how you feel without judgement. Continue to grow the bond of friendship in your relationship because great relationships are built on amazing friendships.

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