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People Pleaser

Being a person that takes care of others is never a bad thing. However, from a relationship standpoint, it could be either a plus or a minus. The reason I say this is because a person has to have the right partner to reciprocate that feeling in return. There is Not a such thing as one person in the relationship totally cartering to the other unless that is decided before hand. If that turns into the expectation, that means that person wants a dictatorship. In a dictatorship, one person dictates and the other doesn't get much, if any, 'weigh in' on the decision made. When that starts happening, you start feeling like you are being used and not appreciated for the value you provide to the relationship. From a relationship perspective, everyone's opinion is valid and matters. It's called a relationship and you can't sustain a relationship without the other person participating. Otherwise, you could be 'single' for a lack of better word. In that light, remember being a people pleaser is a great thing But make sure you always have a vote.

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