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Relationship Power Outage

When your communication is off in your relationship, who do you call? Do you call your partner? Do you can your family? Do you call your friends? Ask yourself that question. Who do you call when the communication lines are down in your relationship? I can tell you the best people to call are trained professionals that can help you repair the lines. Those storm clouds come hard and fast sometimes in relationships when it comes to how you communicate with your partner. If you're not paying attention, your communication lights can go out and your partner starts listening to reply, instead of listening to understand you. The first people you turn to when the lines are down is sometimes critical to how fast your communication lights come back on. If you turn to the wrong people, your power will stay out longer because not everyone can offer an unbiased opinion on how to repair the lines. The thing about most communication issues is that both parties want to be heard by the other person, but how do you achieve that when the lines are down. Communication is the center point of your relationship and everything functions off of it. Make sure you are making time to properly fix any communication issues before the power goes out. Remember, you are not alone in the situation with communication. You must make sure you ask the right people to help you repair the lines.

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