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In a committed relationship or marriage, their is going to be a cost associated with your career. In this chase to get ahead of specific bills, saving for retirement, saving for vacations or just saving for a rainy day there is a cost. The fee is time spent away from your partner and your focus on the relationship. When a person has a demanding job or extreme financial responsibilities it gets increasingly difficult to focus on anything else but making money. No one ever considers at what cost though. Not until you start noticing a difference within your relationship. At that point when you have noticed a difference is when action needs to be taken to correct the imbalance in the relationship. Now what tends to happen is sometimes no action is taken because we assume that the imbalance is not a big deal and will eventually work itself out. WRONG!!! These situations very rarely work themselves out and the two people start becoming more distant with emotional/physical connection. If you're reading this, take a second to review your relationship. Ask yourself am I doing what's nessecary to maintain my connection with my partner. Am I putting too many things before them? Am I in a place where I want things to change for the better? If you are ready to take action, start by talking with your partner and expressing your concerns again. Have a real serious conversation and set a plan for change. Plans don't always work out but keep trying. Your relationship, your partner, yourself and the life you built together will thank you for your efforts.

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