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The Crisis

2020 has been a year to remember for a lot of reasons and the year is far from over. Between the pandemic and everything else, there is a crisis going on within ourselves. The pandemic didn't only make us rethink our work lives, but our personal lives as well. This crisis has made a lot of people rethink their life and decisions that were made in the past. People are questioning every aspect of their lives from dating, relationships and marriage. Relationships and Marriages are being questioned. At this moment in history, your answers to those questions you're asking yourself will define your path forward. These questions you're asking yourself are normal in times of uncertainty. Sometimes when things are so unclear, we rely on our faith to push us forward. If you are dating at this moment, you have to be more careful than ever before. You have to follow a process, reinvent old processes or create new processes of your own to make sure that person is right for you. If you're in a relationship or married, you have to learn to be more patient and more understanding than ever before. You are probably finding that the things your partner does, that were once cute, now are super annoying. That's only because people are spending a lot more time together. Communication has to be different now more than ever before because people are forced to talk more about everything. This crisis has given us an opportunity to build stronger versions of ourselves and stronger relationships. This is only possible if you see this as an opportunity to do something different and try to take steps for improvement. Improvement in your life and in your relationship is never a bad thing because it makes you a happier individual. Even in times of crisis find that silver lining and push for your happiness.

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