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The Process

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

What is your process for getting to know someone new? Is there one specific blueprint to use to ask all the right questions? Is there a way you can tell if the person is being genuine or not? Do you trust yourself to trust what the person is telling you? Those are all valid questions to ask yourself when you are dating and getting to know someone new. The biggest rule of thumb is asking non - surface level questions and being as specific as possible when asking questions to the other person. Sometimes it's easy to be attracted to different types of people because they are different from what you had before, but different does not always mean better. Trusting your process and being patient with giving too much of yourself out at one time is important. This is super important if you have been hurt in the past and still need time to heal from that. If you are still healing from past relationships, please allow yourself time to get over that baggage before you enter into a new relationship. Previous baggage can cause you to over think or under think situations and you may miss an important detail that is critical to really knowing someone new. There isn't one standard way to get to know someone new. You honestly have to know yourself and what you want in your life. Then you have to ask very specific, detailed questions to see if that person can meet those standards. You also have to be patient in the process to see if that person is being real or feeding you game. That process would also include not giving too much of yourself (i.e. sex to soon). Allow a person to work for that part of you because if you do, they will respect you and you will respect them more. Be true to you and what you need in your life always.

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