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The Truth Behind The Lies

The truth behind the lies could occur when someone says that there is nothing wrong after you have a major argument in your relationship. Sometimes there are unsaid things that are in relationships because one person says that they just don't want to hurt the other person by telling them the truth. What you fail to realize is you're causing them more hurt by holding back your feelings from them. Relationships work well when both parties openly talk to each other, even when you don't want to talk. That emotional connection with your partner survives on the communication you supply that emotional connection with your partner. Withholding that information can cause a person to assume how you really feel about them and the situations that occur in your relationship. Assumptions can't live in your relationship. They have no place there and have to be removed daily. The truth behind the lies happens when  you tell your partner a small truth, that isn't the complete truth about your feelings. Make sure you are being open and completely honest with yourself first about how you feel, then talk to your partner.

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