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Why Cheat Part 2

When a person chooses to cheat on their partner, it's either for one or two reasons. They have communicated to you that something specific in the relationship needs to change and no action has been taken after an extended period of time. Usually, this time frame is years not months of repeated conversations about a specific topic of change. The second reason is some people are just selfish and choose not to think about the other person's feelings. It's more so about them and there needs not their partner's feelings. No matter what the reason for this act is, please don't expect to be accepted back with open arms after you have been caught. Cheating is one of those things that rarely come with a second chance to come back to the relationship. If you choose to take a person back, you should really do a self eval to see if that is what's best for you in the long run. When someone cheats, your trust, your heart, your everything is broken by them. That trust doesn't come back for yourself or for them for a long time. That trust has to be rebuilt within yourself and you have to be at a point to forgive them. Forgiving them does not mean forgetting. All those steps, in itself, is a process on top of maintaining the relationship. Before a person considers cheating, please consider your options first. You're not only hurting the person you are with, but you are also hurting yourself in the process. 

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