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Down for you

Is the person your with down for you? That is a question you should truly consider. If your dating or in a relationship, finding out if that person is with you no matter what is important. When a person is truly with you, they don't care what you have or what you do. They would only care about who you are to them in their life. They would not worry about going out, buying new things, or going on expensive trips. They will only be concerned about spending time with you anywhere you are. The simple presence of your company is enough for them to make them happy. When you find that person that will live in a box with you if they had to, you have really found the one. When a person says that they would live in a box with you and really mean it, that gives you a special feeling. There are not too many people out there that are truly down for you and not just down for material things of this world. So many people are materialistic and are all about things and not about people. Finding someone who is down for you will be easy to recognize if you pay attention. Finding someone that is not down for you will be equally as easy to recognize if you pay attention as well. All I know is you have to be patient, listen and keep the faith. It will happen when the time is right.

Thank you


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