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So the problem with losing your since of self is figuring out were to begin your journey of learning who you are now. Some people that have lost themselves would say I want to feel like the old me again. What you have to realize is there is no reversing time to go back to find the old you. Your best bet is to start getting to know the person you are right now in this moment. Now starting that process maybe difficult depending on what stage in life your in and if you have kids or not. Being in a relationship while trying to work on you also comes along with its set of challenges. To start the work of getting to know yourself is not just about accomplishing the task but also about enjoying the journey. Learning your likes, dislikes, loves, hates and learning how to set/keep boundaries. Now learning how to set boundaries is a whole neither conversation in it self because you not only have to set them, you must maintain them as well. Now from the first few lines of this blog you maybe questioning if you really what to start your journey of getting to know you. My advice is to answer yes, to that question. You owe it to yourself and no one else to find out who you are right now in this moment in your life. By taking this step you will not only strengthen your self awareness but also improve the way you connect with the people in your world. Your circle, your family, your friends, your co workers, your kids, and mate. Truth be told there is no greater joy than to be completely comfortable in your skin. So if you have questions or need assistance don't be afraid to reach out to an experienced coach, counselor, therapist or friend to help you get started. Remember you can do this. All it takes is one step a day to make life changing progress tomorrow.

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