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In relationships, you're position in your partner's life isn't guaranteed. Most times we would like to think that it is but the truth of the matter is that relationships success is based on your efforts. How consistently intentional you are at making the relationship growth a priority to you. How you create ways for new connections with each other daily, weekly or monthly. The issue with most relationships is we get comfortable with the person that we're with and sometimes that level comfort can be harmful to the relationship growth. It was author Brian Cagneey that said ," A comfort zone is the most dangerous area anyone can stay in. It is a place of no growth and no challenges." So when you get too comfortable with your partner, the consistent intention to building the friendship and relationship starts to fade. So the idea of being easily replaceable comes in to play because once you notice that you're partner isn't investing in you and the relationship. You in turn start investing your time in other activities like work, family, friends or individual hobbies more than usual. Now this type of change is gradual and doesn't happen over night but it happens when intention isn't consistently shown. There maybe tons of conversations to fix the issues before this happens but if those attempts aren't consistent. Old habits start again and your back on the track of no growth of the relationship. That's why it is important to communicate effectively about relationship growth and the things that you both want to see better. When you communicate these suggestions, they aren't complaints from your partner. They're concerns that are valid to your partner and should be taken as serious as possible. These concerns should be openly discussed and plans should be made to address the concerns that can be addressed. Some concerns may take alittle longer to solve or may not be solved at all. They definitely need to be openly discussed to make sure that the lines of communication stay open. Easily Replaceable is a cautionary tale to motivate you to continue to strive towards the grow your relationship with each other daily, weekly or monthly. Because that position you hold in your partner's life isn't a guaranteed position. It's a elected position that both parties vote to put the other person in and it's up to you to campaign daily to keep your positive position in your partner's life.

Joshua Williams

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