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Selfless Love

To love your partner selflessly is a mindset. To love your partner selflessly doesn't mean lose yourself in your partner. It mean making sure that the decisions you make for your life are not effecting your partner in a negative way. It means making sure that there needs are being met and if they can't be, offering a solution to the problem. Selfless Love is treating your partner with respect, being loyal, and being honest with them. Selfless Love is realistic love. That means that what you are requesting from your partner can be provided to you without stress. Selfless Love sounds like it would be easy if you love someone, but it's not always that simple. It's hard to be selfless when you're mad at the other person, but that is the best time to be selfless. Issues happen all the time in relationships, but don't let issues cause a divide in your partnership. Selfless Love is possible, but only if you work on yourself daily. Selfless Love has less to do with your partner and more to do with your mindset. If you are doing your part and practicing Selfless Love, you are ahead of the game. If you believe that you're not, then you may want to read this post one more

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