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The Love You Want

Findingindingindingindinginding the love that you want may not be as easy as you think because you have to first discover what you want that love to look like. Telling a potential mate how to love you is important for achieving your relationship success. Assumptions about what a person wants or needs leaves too much room for things to go wrong in your relationship. Knowing that you want to be respected, have loyalty and want honesty is important for an potential mate to know. These are the type of conversations that need to be had at the beginning of any relationship because you want a strong foundation of receprication. The love that you want is not going to be the same for everyone you come in contact with. Sometimes you have to break it down to the person that your with in the beginning to give them a fair chance to see if they can provide that for you. If they can't provide you with that type of love, be honest enough not to continue the relationship because you will only damage the other person's heart. Finding the love that you want is going to be challenging, but we'll worth the effort. You have to know that you can only control what you can control in your life. The rest of the situations you pray about. So control how you want to be loved and not blame someone else for not loving you the correct way. If you don't tell them or show them, how would they know???

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