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Why Cheat???

Have you ever thought about why people cheat on there mate? That is the question that people ask themselves when they hear that someone they know has cheated. I believe that men and women cheat with no one cheating more or less than the other. Cheating is cheating no matter which partner does it first. The people that cheat usually does this for selfish reasons that can be fixed if both parties are willing to work on the issues. Talking about your needs with you partner is the easiest way to avoid cheating but even then, you may have those people that may cheat anyway. Those people basically have made the choice that they don't want to be committed anymore. If that decision has been made, the other person has to decide if they want to stay or go. Most of the time, if people cheat once, it may happen again if that same issue is still present. Long story short, people do cheat for selfish reasons but not everyone cheats. If you're in a relationship, worry about your relationship and no one else's relationship. If you do that, you should never have any problems.

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